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The gateway to the South

sunny 80 °F

I'm sitting at the Summers' kitchen table, hoping my laptop doesn't decide that wifi is an unacceptable form of internet. Shari's in the back yard, relaxing in the grass. There's a constant stream of birds fluttering to the feeders and the air is cooling as the sun sets westward. I'm loving Atlanta. We've met so many warm, genial people. A huge thanks to the Pearl family, who hosted us for Shabbat.
Today introduced us to MARTA, the Atlanta area public transit. Using MARTA really was a breeze. I sketched people on the train in a little pad of post-it notes. Post-its make for a very efficient travel sketch book.
Aviva is a wonderful, thorough tour guide. We went to the Georgia Aquarium. We got in at 1:00pm and immediately set out into the different tanks. So much aquatic life. Fish, sharks, coral, whales, seals. Jelleh fish! They have a giant viewing tank, over 63' long.


Mesmerizing. We saw whale sharks and manta rays. Shari and Aviva get very excited about bright pink tropical fish. We all get very excited about everything.


Penguins, otters (different sizes for different bodies of water), beluga whales. Beluga whales are these huge creatures, a white bullet of muscle, blubber, and humor. I have a small stuffed one from when I was a kid, so seeing real live "Whale-Tails" (<-- I know, very creative name for a toy. I was two.) was awesome. Three Belugas share a tank. A baby had been born this May, but passed away this past Friday, which cast a somber feeling over seeing the Belugas for me.


After, we walk through downtown Atlanta, past the 1996 Olympic Park. Aviva takes one for the team and explains what the Olympics are to Shari. And then tries to explain the difference between soccer in the Olympics and the World Cup. The air is hot, humid. We take MARTA back to the Doraville station and head back to Aviva's.
All in all, a wonderful day. The weather was pleasant, which isn't anything to snub, given that last week around this time we were experiencing heavy rainfall and about 15 flash flood warnings per day. We have one more day in Atlanta and then we're going to pass through this gateway and into the South.


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