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This morning we went back to the South rim of the Grand Canyon for one last glance before leaving. It would seem we had a harder time leaving than anticipated and we ended up staying there until early afternoon. We just couldn't get enough of it, it's so incredibly beautifully amazingly gorgeous and sexy and OMG I don't know how to describe it, just look at our pictures, it's so pretty.


When we finally left and started heading to Vegas we got distracted again, while passing the Navajo Nation reservation, there were scattered booths along the highway selling all sorts of really cool handmade jewelry and other pretty stuff. I bought a dream catcher and a really pretty beaded bracelet with feathers on it, the girl who made it said the feathers are supposed to carry our thoughts and prayers with us which is pretty neat. Her mother told us that she made the bracelet herself and she insisted that her mother helped her with it. They are both incredibly talented and really sweet. Her little sisters were helping her out selling stuff by trying on all the jewelry and being adorable.

The rest of the ride to Vegas was uneventful, long, and exhausting but pretty. We finally got to Vegas at about 7:30 PM and checked into our hotel. We got all prettied up and ready to head out on the strip to see what all the hype is about. Miriam is actually still getting prettied up but when we get back I will report back on how it measured up. (I told her that she looks pretty, but she knows that that's just what husbands tell their wives when they want to get out of the house because they have reservations somewhere fancy and romantic and they hope to get lucky afterwards. We don't have reservations anywhere and I have no intentions of getting lucky with Miriam tonight (or any night), but if I tell her that we have reservations maybe she'll get a move on it and we can finally get out on the town). Oh hey Miriam is ready, be back soon.

And we're back. So Vegas, wow. Our initial reaction was, WTF. That was also our second and final reaction. It's like a giant frat party but old people and children (!) were invited too (Seriously though, why were there children there?!?). The place smells of sadness and despair and alcohol and cigarettes and other scents that are not legal in Nevada and remind us of college. The streets have flashing neon lights all over, much like Times Square but with softcore porn being displayed on the huge screens in the street. We decide to get some reprieve from the crowds and the heat and we enter a casino. Old ladies are sitting at the slot machines, young people are wandering around aimlessly hoping to get lucky in more ways than one, children are standing around the poker tables watching their parents play. (Seriously though, WTF???) We head back outside and are handed a bunch of brochures with pictures of pretty ladies with no clothing on and a price attached to each lady. As we continue down the strip we find the Vegas mascot. He is a tall white boy wearing baggy baseball shorts that are on too low and a jersey top, and is crossing the street while it's red for pedestrians. When the cars honk at him he flips them off, in a beautiful moment that encompasses everything that is wrong with our generation. We head back to our car and in the parking lot encounter a group of young people who are way too young to legally do anything, helping one of their friends dispose of her last meal by holding her hair back. We offer them a bottle of water and get a high-five and told that we're very clutch. Words like that make us feel old because we have no idea what they're talking about. The one highlight of the night was at midnight when we watched the waterfall show in front of the Bellagio casino. The waterfalls were dancing to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner, it was really nice. Amidst drunk people yelling and throwing up, we look around us at the land of the free and the home of the brave and wonder where did we go wrong and mostly, WTF.

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