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We're Gone from Oregon

Well, that was fast.

semi-overcast 105 °F

We leave our host in Oregon around 10:30 and set out for the wilds of Portland. It is official: We are heading east in a very serious manner. Farewell, West Coast. You are arguably the best coast. Seriously, the weather here is so much more temperate than on the East Coast. Also, mountains right into the sea. Clearly, we have a winner.
The drive from Eugene to Portland went quickly, farms and distant mountains disrupting the horizon. Sunday morning car time passed easily, filled with conversation and plans for the future.
We arrive in Portland right on time for the Brunch Rush. I meant to capitalize that. In one of the quirky stores we found a book about Portland's obsession with late breakfast, more commonly termed brunch. We also found many hemp and bamboo products, handmade earrings, local arts and crafts. This city is crunchy. Just like the granola they like with their home-cultured yogurt for brunch.


The afternoon is set aside for driving. We start out on I-84 but soon see signs for the Bridge of the Gods. We agree that this is a place we should be. So we cross over the Bridge of Gods. Holy cow. /the view over the Columbia River, though. Wow. The GPS freaks out tries to get us to turn around using this narrow, one lane mountain road. No dice. You won't get us that easy, GPS. We thoroughly situate ourselves on SR-14. Washington state is hilarious: Their state route numbers are placed in the center of a silhouette of George Washington. SR-14 turns out to be the high road, climbing the mountain sides flanking the Columbia. We often find ourselves looking down at I-84. Sr-14 is a lot of fun to drive, and is very beautiful. We stop in Kennewick for the night, where the locals eyes our New York plates with curiosity. Tomorrow, we take on Idaho and Montana.


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The Golden Gate to Eureka

We found it!

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Yesterday morning started out with a tour of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. It's a beautiful campus that was historically a vacation spot for very rich people and celebrities from all over California but during the depression the government bought it from them and turned it into a university for the Navy. It has beautiful gardens and ballrooms and an overall early 1900's fancy-people vibe. We met a bunch of important people there such as admirals and assorted other rankings, and they were all really friendly and curious about our crazy road trip.

Our next stop was Mountain View, California. The city has a really nice view of the mountains. We wandered around Googleplex, Google's headquarters. (If you never heard of them, google it.)

Next we continued on North towards San Francisco. San Francisco is a very cool, colorful and mountainous city. People there are very creative with their transportation options. There were bikes and scooters and skateboards and rollerblades and those children's electric bikes but used by adults. There was even a guy on a bike with rollerblades on.

We left San Francisco through the Golden Gate, it was really beautiful. It looks a bit like the Brooklyn Bridge but longer, with a nicer view, and a more pleasant smell. After San Francisco we continued on North towards Eureka, California. The rest of the drive was long and uneventful. We past through wine country and other pretty landscapes.

We finally arrived in Eureka at about 11:30 PM and passed out in the comfortable beds of Motel 6 (after making many dorky jokes about how we finally found Eureka).

This morning we continued on North towards Oregon. It was a long drive but the views were really nice and the weather was beautiful -- it was like we never left Eureka (see what I did there? ;) ).

We arrived at Eugene, Oregon earlier this afternoon and are spending the weekend here. People here are really nice and friendly and we're looking forward to some rest before we continue on to the 26 states we still got to cover.

With a view like that it doesn't matter whether we're there yet or not.

With a view like that it doesn't matter whether we're there yet or not.

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