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Today's Entry is Corny

So Much Corn Sioux-t got rejected.

semi-overcast 74 °F

Not much happened to today. Usually, there's an interesting detour, or something odd that comes up. Today, the detour involved getting off the highway for a bit, driving up through green fields on a country road, and arriving at a casino, where we promptly turned around and found our way back to the highway. We drive past corn fields, and bean fields, field fields. We drive past a sign for Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in De Smet, South Dakota. There's a lot of history, and a lot of hills. Transitioning between Nebraska to Iowa to South Dakota to North Dakota and then Minnesota is seem-less. The signs are small and blend in with the green highway signs.


We drove through the town we're staying in in under ten minutes. A railroad runs through the city of Wahpeton, parallel to the Main St. There's something small about the town, but not sad. Wahpeton feels proud of its quiet Midwesterness. But it's an indistinct place. We barely notice when we cross over a small river into Minnesota. We turn around and head back west after a series of silver silos that smell like Parmesan cheese.


From our hotel window, you can see the trains running past. I got up to watch the first few, but they're loud and feel a bit like a minor earthquake. For the evening, we are lazy, aside from the train watching shenanigans. I listen to a lecture by Neil Gaiman and Shari goes outside to enjoy the pleasant weather.


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Miserable Missouri

Nice Nebraska

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We leave non-descriptive Arkansas this morning and head North towards Missouri. The first gas station we stop at in Missouri is selling T-shirts that reads, "keep calm and carry guns", "you keep your advice we'll keep our guns", and last but not least "hey vegetarians, my food poops on your food". Well I have news for you Mr. I-drive-a-giant-pick-up-truck-to-overcompensate-for-other-smaller-objects, the ketchup you put on your burger is made out of tomatoes, so technically your food poops on your food.

You can't make this shit up

You can't make this shit up

We stopped for lunch in Kansas City, Missouri. A small portion of Kansas City is located in Kansas, that may be why it's called Kansas City because the best part about it is Kansas. Our friend Andrew Brick who is from St. Louis, Missouri messages us during lunch to inform us that we are on the wrong side of the state, we should be in St. Louis. Unfortunately that is 8 hours out of our way so we will have to leave that for another time.

As soon as we leave Missouri, and enter Iowa, the energy is immediately more positive. Iowa's tag line is "Fields of Opportunities", which we find amusing. We dip West and head to Omaha, Nebraska where we're spending the night. Omaha is pretty legit, complete with three breweries and a Whole Foods. The guy checking me out at Whole Foods suggests the Zorinsky Lake as an evening activity, and we take a really pretty five mile hike around the lake.

Dorky hiking selfie

Dorky hiking selfie

Sunset over the lake, so pretty

Sunset over the lake, so pretty

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