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Today's Entry is Corny

So Much Corn Sioux-t got rejected.

semi-overcast 74 °F

Not much happened to today. Usually, there's an interesting detour, or something odd that comes up. Today, the detour involved getting off the highway for a bit, driving up through green fields on a country road, and arriving at a casino, where we promptly turned around and found our way back to the highway. We drive past corn fields, and bean fields, field fields. We drive past a sign for Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in De Smet, South Dakota. There's a lot of history, and a lot of hills. Transitioning between Nebraska to Iowa to South Dakota to North Dakota and then Minnesota is seem-less. The signs are small and blend in with the green highway signs.


We drove through the town we're staying in in under ten minutes. A railroad runs through the city of Wahpeton, parallel to the Main St. There's something small about the town, but not sad. Wahpeton feels proud of its quiet Midwesterness. But it's an indistinct place. We barely notice when we cross over a small river into Minnesota. We turn around and head back west after a series of silver silos that smell like Parmesan cheese.


From our hotel window, you can see the trains running past. I got up to watch the first few, but they're loud and feel a bit like a minor earthquake. For the evening, we are lazy, aside from the train watching shenanigans. I listen to a lecture by Neil Gaiman and Shari goes outside to enjoy the pleasant weather.


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The Grandest Canyon

it might just be a giant hole in the earth, but it is a very nice hole in the earth

sunny 90 °F

As you may have surmised from the title, we were at the Grand Canyon today. We'll be returning there for a little bit tomorrow, but we have a schedule to keep. It's been agreed that we are definitely coming back here for a longer time span. There is so, so much to see. There are all these cliff faces and I just want to climb them. (Not to misrepresent myself as someone who has much experience rock climbing. I don't. But I still want to climb all of it. )
The day began at a smoiling 89 degrees in Pheonix. 89 soon turned to 105. I don't know if I have ever drunk that much water and not immediately needed to pee in my life. You just step outside and all of the liquids are sucked right out. I swear, sweat evaporated as it exited my pores. We were kind of museumed/ touristed out so we did what any good denizen does: Heads to the mall and shops.
The drive up to Grand Canyon was intense. The rise in elevation, up to over 8000 feet, pushed the engine, and even though the temperature was slowly decreasing, we still pushed the air conditioning. We stopped near Sedona for gas. Wow. Those cliffs are so red. So red. It's vibrant, earth shattering.
About 60 miles from GC, we detoured through Williams, a town founded in 1881. As the GPS liked to remind us, the street we drove down was "Main Street, Historic Route 66." We stopped for a bit, getting our gifts on Route 66.
At the Grand Canyon, we took a shuttle to different look out points, and the hiked about 2 miles of the rim trail. The sun set and we sat barefoot, overlooking the canyon as the shadows deepened and the canyon filled with a pale atmospheric tinge. While walking around this giant hole in the Earth, a multitude of languages filled the air. Most people happily photographed the other tourists, even if they had no common language between them aside from a camera and a smile.
All in all, a very good day.

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