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Rocky Mountain States

Montana, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho.

sunny 82 °F

Morning in Missoula is pleasant in the shade and monstrous in the sun. Temperatures are liable to climb over 100, but we'll be changing elevation faster than the mercury, so no worries. The mountains are beautiful and lettered and the air is very clear. We drive for-freaking-ever up and down hills and mountains, coasting through valleys. There's a very strange phenomenon out here: The gas stations are casinos.


Heading into Yellowstone National park, I see a herd of bison. Compared to domestic cattle, bison look like that kid who hit the gym real hard but doesn't acknowledge leg day. He's all, like, "But my deltoids, man..." Yellowstone is stunning and full of tourists. Now that June is over, most schools are out, and parents are desperately trying to entertain and educate their children. We see lots of elk and bison and geysers, but no bears, which kind of bums me out. Seeing a bear (from the car, if you're concerned) would have been pretty awesome. All of the hot springs and mudflats and geysers and Old Faithful were surreal, so I'm not really complaining.



We head out of Yellowstone to Driggs, Idaho. We pass through Montana again, briefly. The ride is lovely. Cows graze in highway side pastures and the air smells sweetly of hay. As the sun sets in the east, the moon rises, nearly full, in the west over the Grand Teton Mountains. Idaho is beautiful and I'm stupid in love with middle America.


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Hannah Montana and the Adventures in Montana

We were also in Idaho today

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Today we drove five hours. The view was pretty. Miriam took an obsessive amount of pictures. Bye.

Oh you want more details? Well, if you insist. We left Kennewick, Washington in the morning and drove two hours till Spokane, Washington where we stopped for lunch and to look at the pretty Spokane waterfalls. We then continued on East, passing Idaho and into Montana. I speculate whether Hannah Montana is from Montana. Miriam is useless in this field of intellect, so I turn to google (I was in the passengers seat while doing so, don't google and drive children. Also stay in school.) but my service is spotty because all of those damn Montana mountains covered in pine trees, stretching for miles, and looking beautiful. Calvin was right about carrying a map of Montana around in case of emergencies. The wi-Fi signal here is terrible. I get really upset. How have we been to the moon and have self driving cars but we can't have Internet when important questions like where Hannah Montana is from arise?!? It's an atrocity. When we finally get closer to Missoula, Montana, I have two bars on my phone and quickly research my important question while praying to the Gods of technology not to abandon me. Unfortunately, all the internet has got is that Miley Cyrus is from Tennessee, but no info on Hannah Montanna. There are some interesting articles on the evolution of Miley Cyrus, and an interview by her dad on how the Hannah Montana show ruined their family. Very interesting reads, but my question still remains.

I'm still very bothered by this. If anyone has any information as to where Hanna Montana is from and how her name came to be that of a state, it would be greatly appreciated and repayed for with a mug that has the pretty Montana mountains on it. (This offer can be switched out for a magnet for the vegetarians among us.)


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