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Rockin' and a Rollin' Down to Tennessee

We were also in Kentucky today

sunny 82 °F

There's something to be said for finding just the right combination of driving and touring. The last few days swung between either a lot of one or a lot of the other. Today, we were on the road for about six hours total and walked about/explored for about three hours and even had some down time without being bone tired. This morning I hugged my family goodbye and Shari and I set off, heading south. Ohio is beautiful, in its very Midwestern way. The highway south divides fields and farms, and the green expanse gently undulates. You can see the precise shadows of the clouds overhead, a tonal addition to the patchwork of agriculture, trees, and asphalt.
We stopped in Boonesville, Kentucky, to stretch our legs. The town has a very active artist colony and a huge emphasis on crafts. Berea College sits across from the historic Boone Tavern established 1919, which has little do with the life of Daniel Boone aside from the fact he founded the town so therefore stuff gets named after him.
Coming down through Tennessee into Knoxville was stunning. As we headed further south (and back east a bit) the hills grew into mountains, bold and green and sturdy. The highway is mostly road cuts, exposing layers of geological formations. I'm fascinated by how rock forms and wears away. I am a nerd.
I was super excited to return to Knoxville. I visited there this spring, attending a printmaker's conference. Already having a frame of reference for the downtown area, I knew exactly where I wanted to go: the Market Square. It's historic and trendy, right near UTK. And Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are free outdoor concerts. The weather was perfect, fluffy clouds, bright sun, not overly humid. We hung out in the square, Shari played in one of the interactive fountains, and we wandered around a small section of downtown Knoxville while I took pictures. There's a lot of really cool statues near the Market Square, and many historic buildings with very ornate facades. I'm happy to be in Knoxville again, if only for a short while. There's a very comfortable feeling to the city, not too rushed or overcrowded.


Tomorrow brings us to our first weekend of the trip, in Atlanta. We're looking forward to spending a few days in one place, just to get our bearings and reorganize and refresh for another week.

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