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Take Me To Church

Mom, stop worrying. I didn't convert.

sunny 100 °F

Salt Lake City. Where life is elevated. Where the temperature is elevated, too. It's nearly 100 degrees by 10 am. Shari and I go for coffee at a place called Chapel Cafe on Chapel street. We joke, wondering if there's a Chapel on Chapel street. Turns out, there is. The cafe is attached to a church. And also has a book store full of religious texts. I feel vaguely uncomfortable with so many posters, t-shirts, and mugs assuring me that Jesus loves me. They have tiny IDF teffillin (phylacteries), megillas, ancient mosaics and oil pots, a tarnished chanukia, many old bibles, and a tiny model of the Temple with tiny, shiny models of all the implements that would have been used in the Temple. Like, I'm not sure why there is a museum of Judaica in the front lobby of this chapel, but there is.

After coffee at the Cavalry Chapel, we head into Salt Like City proper. By proper, I mean Temple Square. There are Mormons from all over the world, denoted by their badges. They dress very neatly, and the downtown area is so clean. It differs vastly in this regard from just about every other major city that I've been to. And by just about every, I really just mean every. The Temple is huge, white granite. There are several weddings going on. A nice woman, Vicki, talks to us about the history of the Mormon Church and the building of the Temple.

The Tabernacle is directly across from the Temple, a large building, domed like a silver service platter at a fancy hotel. (Is that sacrilege?) This is where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir preforms. I get major Cards Against Humanity points for this. A woman gives a recital on the ginormous pipe organ. To be honest, it kind of looks like an instrument of torture. In reality, it's just an instrument. She also changes the colored lights which illuminate the wall behind the organ, adding a strange ambiance to the inside of the dinner platter.

After we leave Salt lake City, we begin our journey to Grand Junction, Colorado. The Rockies are amazing. The road winds through valleys and canyons, and feels more like a roller coaster. The Colorado Welcome sign informs us that Colorado is a colorful state, and the land delivers. Greens, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows display themselves on the hills, in sedimentary layers. We're staying in a little motel, right by the regional airport, and have the most amazing view of the mesas.


Good night!

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