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I've been through the desert on a horse with no name

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We woke up this morning and found ourselves in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I started out the day by going hunting for coffee while Miriam showered. You know it's a college town when all the coffee shops are open till 11:00pm and reopen at 12:00pm. Thankfully you can always rely on Starbucks to be open before 12:00pm and have mediocre coffee. We then headed out west towards Tucson, Arizona. About an hour out of Las Cruces we past a US Customs and Border Protection check point where we were politely asked if we are US citizens. 30 minutes later we past a sign saying do not pick up hitchhikers, prison facilities ahead. So we told Jose in the trunk that we'll have to drop him off. But hey, at least he got past border control. (Disclaimer: This comment was intended for humorous purposes only. Shari & Co. is not responsible for any psychological damage reading this post may cause. In case of emergency please contact your therapist or hang up and dial 911.)

In Tuscon, we went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum which was absolutely amazing. The museum is situated outdoors in the middle of a national park which is in the desert. You get to stroll around and experience desert life. There are all sorts of cool cactus plants and animals and birds and lizards and snakes and butterflies and bees the size of birds (they don't sting the sign says, they are too busy being single mothers caring for their children) and coyotes and all sorts of really cute animals that live in the desert. I'm usually wary of going to zoos because seeing animals in cages makes me sad but this was different, they get to roam around in their natural habitat, just chillin about. It was a really cool experience (not literally, it was 112°).


We developed this routine, when we see a scenery that is just absolutely breathtaking, Miriam starts laughing like she's heard something funny or was watching a Monty Python episode, and I start cursing like fuck. When we saw some of the views today in the desert, I said "fuckety freaking fuck". And Miriam said, "I have to agree with you on that".

After the desert we continued on to Phoenix, Arizona, where we are spending the night. Phoenix is a really cool place with train trolleys and great eatery places. Miriam put the link to our blog on the receipt when we were paying for dinner, so if our waiter is reading this, we think you're cute and that your friend has a really cool mustache.

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