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Today's Entry is Corny

So Much Corn Sioux-t got rejected.

semi-overcast 74 °F

Not much happened to today. Usually, there's an interesting detour, or something odd that comes up. Today, the detour involved getting off the highway for a bit, driving up through green fields on a country road, and arriving at a casino, where we promptly turned around and found our way back to the highway. We drive past corn fields, and bean fields, field fields. We drive past a sign for Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in De Smet, South Dakota. There's a lot of history, and a lot of hills. Transitioning between Nebraska to Iowa to South Dakota to North Dakota and then Minnesota is seem-less. The signs are small and blend in with the green highway signs.


We drove through the town we're staying in in under ten minutes. A railroad runs through the city of Wahpeton, parallel to the Main St. There's something small about the town, but not sad. Wahpeton feels proud of its quiet Midwesterness. But it's an indistinct place. We barely notice when we cross over a small river into Minnesota. We turn around and head back west after a series of silver silos that smell like Parmesan cheese.


From our hotel window, you can see the trains running past. I got up to watch the first few, but they're loud and feel a bit like a minor earthquake. For the evening, we are lazy, aside from the train watching shenanigans. I listen to a lecture by Neil Gaiman and Shari goes outside to enjoy the pleasant weather.


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Miserable Missouri

Nice Nebraska

sunny 73 °F
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We leave non-descriptive Arkansas this morning and head North towards Missouri. The first gas station we stop at in Missouri is selling T-shirts that reads, "keep calm and carry guns", "you keep your advice we'll keep our guns", and last but not least "hey vegetarians, my food poops on your food". Well I have news for you Mr. I-drive-a-giant-pick-up-truck-to-overcompensate-for-other-smaller-objects, the ketchup you put on your burger is made out of tomatoes, so technically your food poops on your food.

You can't make this shit up

You can't make this shit up

We stopped for lunch in Kansas City, Missouri. A small portion of Kansas City is located in Kansas, that may be why it's called Kansas City because the best part about it is Kansas. Our friend Andrew Brick who is from St. Louis, Missouri messages us during lunch to inform us that we are on the wrong side of the state, we should be in St. Louis. Unfortunately that is 8 hours out of our way so we will have to leave that for another time.

As soon as we leave Missouri, and enter Iowa, the energy is immediately more positive. Iowa's tag line is "Fields of Opportunities", which we find amusing. We dip West and head to Omaha, Nebraska where we're spending the night. Omaha is pretty legit, complete with three breweries and a Whole Foods. The guy checking me out at Whole Foods suggests the Zorinsky Lake as an evening activity, and we take a really pretty five mile hike around the lake.

Dorky hiking selfie

Dorky hiking selfie

Sunset over the lake, so pretty

Sunset over the lake, so pretty

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I Have a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Oklamhoma is OK, Or Missouri Loves Company

semi-overcast 82 °F

The Plains States are rather plain, a monotony of gently rolling hills and fields. They are still beautiful, but not stunning the way everything is on the other side of the Continental Divide. There are a few gems tucked away in these emerald hills.
Thanks to one of my friends in Denver, and the signs that begin at the border between Colorado and Kansas, we find the Oz Museum, (and the Oz Winery, and the Style of Ahhhz! Salon). The moment we walk in, we know we are going to spend a lot of money here. The museum tour begins and ends in Auntie Em's Gift Shop, a pleasant little shop with all things Oz, from shot glasses to door mats. I bought a door mat. The museum has over 2,000 artifacts from the inception of Oz to modern adaptations. L. Frank Baum's first books, ruby slippers, props from Wicked; they're all there and wonderful. In a small theater at the back of the museum, the 1939 classic film plays on a loop. The exhibits are well maintained and contain all sorts of interesting tidbits and trivia. The museum is fairly small, but we spent nearly two hours there.



After the museum, we drove into a storm to check out the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church, because what is a bible and rifle church? We still don't know. The church was built in 1832, is about all we know.

This is Bible and Rifle Church, but why is it a Bible and Rifle Church?

This is Bible and Rifle Church, but why is it a Bible and Rifle Church?

We head south and then west and then east and then south again towards Oklahoma. We stop and take dorky pictures with the sign, because we are dorks. We quickly pass through a bit of Missouri, and then we're in Arkansas, where we are spending the night. Important question: Ar-can-saw or Ar-Kansas?


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Colorado - Going Green

And Going Greener

sunny 98 °F
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We drive down to Denver, Colorado on Friday. The drive takes us through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, alongside the Colorado River. It's quiet lovely. Denver is a very green city, lots of trees and other pretty plants (Michelle: not a good city for you to live in obviously). The suburban areas blend seamlessly into the downtown area, which we explore on Saturday night. 16th Street Mall is a mall that occupies all of 16th Street (I wonder where they got the mall's name from though), it's really cool. We take the bus down the length of the mall, and sit alongside passengers that are sharing a blunt. That is apparently legal here but I'm still confused about the children that were with them that seem high too. My understanding is that you have to be 21 years of age for that kind of recreation. #keepitclassycolorado.

Also, for those of you wondering, no we did not smoke at all, you need a Colorado driver's license to do that. Sheesh guys, Miriam and I don't do stuff like that. I'm insulted you even asked.

All of this driving and the heat has got me feeling a bit sick. But we have a week left of this craziness, so I take (legal!) drugs known as DayQuil, and power through.

Let my Cameron go

Let my Cameron go

Today we leave Colorado and drive East to Salina, Kansas. The transition from peace-y Colorado to the Bible Belt is apparent immediately by the billboards lining the highway such as "It's a Child, not a Choice", "Jesus is Real", "Adoption not Abortion", "Thanks Mom for Choosing Life", and "Jesus Trusts in You!". Jesus clearly doesn't know me.

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Take Me To Church

Mom, stop worrying. I didn't convert.

sunny 100 °F

Salt Lake City. Where life is elevated. Where the temperature is elevated, too. It's nearly 100 degrees by 10 am. Shari and I go for coffee at a place called Chapel Cafe on Chapel street. We joke, wondering if there's a Chapel on Chapel street. Turns out, there is. The cafe is attached to a church. And also has a book store full of religious texts. I feel vaguely uncomfortable with so many posters, t-shirts, and mugs assuring me that Jesus loves me. They have tiny IDF teffillin (phylacteries), megillas, ancient mosaics and oil pots, a tarnished chanukia, many old bibles, and a tiny model of the Temple with tiny, shiny models of all the implements that would have been used in the Temple. Like, I'm not sure why there is a museum of Judaica in the front lobby of this chapel, but there is.

After coffee at the Cavalry Chapel, we head into Salt Like City proper. By proper, I mean Temple Square. There are Mormons from all over the world, denoted by their badges. They dress very neatly, and the downtown area is so clean. It differs vastly in this regard from just about every other major city that I've been to. And by just about every, I really just mean every. The Temple is huge, white granite. There are several weddings going on. A nice woman, Vicki, talks to us about the history of the Mormon Church and the building of the Temple.

The Tabernacle is directly across from the Temple, a large building, domed like a silver service platter at a fancy hotel. (Is that sacrilege?) This is where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir preforms. I get major Cards Against Humanity points for this. A woman gives a recital on the ginormous pipe organ. To be honest, it kind of looks like an instrument of torture. In reality, it's just an instrument. She also changes the colored lights which illuminate the wall behind the organ, adding a strange ambiance to the inside of the dinner platter.

After we leave Salt lake City, we begin our journey to Grand Junction, Colorado. The Rockies are amazing. The road winds through valleys and canyons, and feels more like a roller coaster. The Colorado Welcome sign informs us that Colorado is a colorful state, and the land delivers. Greens, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows display themselves on the hills, in sedimentary layers. We're staying in a little motel, right by the regional airport, and have the most amazing view of the mesas.


Good night!

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