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Only hate the road when you're missing home

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This morning I left my partner in crime, Miriam, in Columbus, Ohio and headed back to NY. Yep, that's a nine hour drive I did today. I had some deep, intense conversations with myself. It's been an interesting day.

I know what you're thinking, "it's only been 45 days and you guys have only done 42 states! " that is correct. We have yet to do the New England portion of our trip. The plan is that when Miriam returns to NY, in late August, we will do a weekend trip of the remaining states. I'm sure it's been really fun for all of you to be a backseat driver and read about our adventures every day while you were commuting to work, or while having your after work drink to forget about your day, but now you can be a front seat driver and join the fun! Miriam and I would like to invite anyone interested to join us for the last portion of our adventures. We understand that some of you have this thing called a 'job', so it will be a Friday afternoon till Sunday evening type of trip, and will cover ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, and CT, if anyone is interested in joining us, please let us know. The more the merrier. Everyone is welcome. Even people we don't like. (But if we don't like you will be in the not-so-cool-kids tent while we enjoy our moment of popularity that has eluded us in Middle School, (and in Elementary School, and in High School, and in College) in the cool-kids-tent.

I know what else you're thinking, you haven't blogged yesterday! Well, yesterday's post was supposed to be Miriam's responsibility, she was gonna tell you all about our adventures driving from Chicago to Columbus, meeting John Green (!) at the Paper Towns Tour, and feeding the birds in Columbus. But being home made her realize she needs to do adult-y stuff like going to the dentist and meeting a deadline for her job. It's really sad when we lose a friend to the adult side. DON'T DO IT. DON'T ADULT. IT'S A TRAP. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Read the fine print people.

Anyway, I have adulting to do too, but that will start on Monday. I have it written down in my calendar and everything. Monday, July 20: Begin being an adult. Drawing of a unicorn next to it.

Thanks so much everyone for following our crazy awesome adventures, our blog has been getting a lot of traffic which makes us feel cool. So thanks for that, this trip has been an amazing experience and we hope to share the last leg of our journey with all of you :)


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Chicago Chenanigans

This is Why Ferris Bueller Skipped School

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What a freaking day. (This is Shari BTW. Sander, our Madison friend and awesome host last night, was telling us that at first reading our blog posts it was very obvious who's blogging. Miriam had the fancy adjectives and Shari had the sarcasm and cursing. But lately he says we both started sounding like each other. It's very disconcerting. No one warned us of these side effects that may occur when experiencing excessive exposure to each other. I'm suing.)

Anyway, we leave Madison, Wisconsin and head to Chicago. Traffic and parking is a bitch. (See, Miriam would not have said that. She's a classy lady.) Once we're on foot things start getting more interesting. We head to the Willis Tower but the line to go up to the sky-deck is two hours long, so we leave. We meet Mike, he tells us he's homeless so we give him a protein bar and almonds. (There seem to be lots of homeless people here, we run out of protein bars within the first 30 minutes, and Miriam carries lots of them.) We continue on to the Chicago Free Library. It's huge and has cool architecture and lots of books. We continue towards Millennium Park which is super freaking cool. There's all sorts of strange art statues and a huge water fountain with cool background pictures that constantly change and a giant outdoor theater that has a really cool looking sound and lighting system and some indie rock band is performing.

We head down to the Chicago Lake and join an architecture boat tour of the city because we're all touristy and stuff. It's really amazing. Chicago architecture and history is really fascinating. The tour takes place in the late evening so we get to see the city transition from day to night and it's really beautiful. There's a tornado watch in the area and the occasional thunder and lightening in the background add to the poeticness of it all. (Although it would've been more poetic if the tornado occurred in Kansas. Stupid tornados missing their cues.)

We see the "Begin Historic Route 66" sign and freak out because we've seen the "End Historic Route 66" sign in Santa Monica only a couple of weeks ago. How freaking cool is that though??? I even made this fancy-ass collage thingy to commemorate this event.
All in all, it's been a fantastic day. Chicago is awesome. I can see why Ferris Bueller skipped school to explore this city.

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Mall of 'Murica

Captain's Log Stardate 68984.5

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We leave the small, lovely town in North Dakota and head to Minneapolis, Minnesota, namely Mall of America. It's large, the largest mall in America as a matter of fact. (The largest mall in the world is Dubai mall, just thought I'd throw in some trivia.) First stop in the mall: Star Trek exhibit. It's super cool, it's got costumes and props from the actual sets, and lots of phasers and an enterprise model that was actually used in shooting most of the original series. I squeal like a five-year-old when I see the bridge, the picture below is me looking really pleased in the captains chair.


After Star Trek we check out the Lego store and exhibit. Lego sculptures are awesome and possibly the coolest form of art. The picture below is of me posing with the Lego stormtrooper, I'm really geeking it out today.


We check out some other shops and buy some stuff we don't need with money we don't have but we're not really trying to impress anyone, at least not people we don't like, Miriam adds.

We check into the hotel and chill out in the Jacuzzi downstairs. The following sentence has been edited out.

Tomorrow we're driving to Postville, Iowa where we're spending the weekend with my brother and his lovely family.

Here are more cool Lego art.


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Miserable Missouri

Nice Nebraska

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We leave non-descriptive Arkansas this morning and head North towards Missouri. The first gas station we stop at in Missouri is selling T-shirts that reads, "keep calm and carry guns", "you keep your advice we'll keep our guns", and last but not least "hey vegetarians, my food poops on your food". Well I have news for you Mr. I-drive-a-giant-pick-up-truck-to-overcompensate-for-other-smaller-objects, the ketchup you put on your burger is made out of tomatoes, so technically your food poops on your food.

You can't make this shit up

You can't make this shit up

We stopped for lunch in Kansas City, Missouri. A small portion of Kansas City is located in Kansas, that may be why it's called Kansas City because the best part about it is Kansas. Our friend Andrew Brick who is from St. Louis, Missouri messages us during lunch to inform us that we are on the wrong side of the state, we should be in St. Louis. Unfortunately that is 8 hours out of our way so we will have to leave that for another time.

As soon as we leave Missouri, and enter Iowa, the energy is immediately more positive. Iowa's tag line is "Fields of Opportunities", which we find amusing. We dip West and head to Omaha, Nebraska where we're spending the night. Omaha is pretty legit, complete with three breweries and a Whole Foods. The guy checking me out at Whole Foods suggests the Zorinsky Lake as an evening activity, and we take a really pretty five mile hike around the lake.

Dorky hiking selfie

Dorky hiking selfie

Sunset over the lake, so pretty

Sunset over the lake, so pretty

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Colorado - Going Green

And Going Greener

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We drive down to Denver, Colorado on Friday. The drive takes us through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, alongside the Colorado River. It's quiet lovely. Denver is a very green city, lots of trees and other pretty plants (Michelle: not a good city for you to live in obviously). The suburban areas blend seamlessly into the downtown area, which we explore on Saturday night. 16th Street Mall is a mall that occupies all of 16th Street (I wonder where they got the mall's name from though), it's really cool. We take the bus down the length of the mall, and sit alongside passengers that are sharing a blunt. That is apparently legal here but I'm still confused about the children that were with them that seem high too. My understanding is that you have to be 21 years of age for that kind of recreation. #keepitclassycolorado.

Also, for those of you wondering, no we did not smoke at all, you need a Colorado driver's license to do that. Sheesh guys, Miriam and I don't do stuff like that. I'm insulted you even asked.

All of this driving and the heat has got me feeling a bit sick. But we have a week left of this craziness, so I take (legal!) drugs known as DayQuil, and power through.

Let my Cameron go

Let my Cameron go

Today we leave Colorado and drive East to Salina, Kansas. The transition from peace-y Colorado to the Bible Belt is apparent immediately by the billboards lining the highway such as "It's a Child, not a Choice", "Jesus is Real", "Adoption not Abortion", "Thanks Mom for Choosing Life", and "Jesus Trusts in You!". Jesus clearly doesn't know me.

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